ERT signals still off air

Uncertainty as to when national broadcaster will return to the airwaves

ERT's TV and radio frequencies remain blocked, as ERT staff enter their seventh day of broadcasting via livestream facilitated by the European Broadcasting Union

ERT's signal remains blocked ERT's signal remains blocked The vertical coloured bars on the signals once occupied by ERT's television stations remained in place on Tuesday morning, despite a provisional supreme court ruling that the government decree shutting off ERT's signal last week was illegal and that its broadcasts must be immediately unblocked.

For the seventh day running sacked ERT staff continue to broadcast via livestream hosted by the European Broadcasting Union, which has demanded that the station reopen.

The Council of State on Monday ordered the government to restore the ERT signal and take all appropriate organisational measures to continue broadcasting through the ERT frequencies and internet sites until a new public service broadcaster is established.

But there have been conflicting reports as to when ERT services will be restored. Speaking on Skai TV on Tuesday morning, a New Democracy spokesperson said it would take at least ten days to resume ERT transmissions. But a journalist told the noon news bulletin on Net, ERT's flagship channel, that the signal could be restored by as early as Wednesday evening.

According to the latest figures (see below) provided to EnetEnglish by the Geneva-based European Broadcasting Union, interest in its livestreaming of ERT’s pirate signal, which began at 8pm Greek time on Wednesday, remains high.

On Monday, the EBU's livestream was accessed 447,147 times, amounting to a total of 322,475 hours of viewing.

The highest figures were registered on Friday June 14, when the stream was accessed 557,835 times.

On Thursday June 13, when the feed clocked up 531,866 hits, over 90% of traffic was from Greece, followed by Germany, the UK, the US and Cyprus, France and Belgium.

Date Streams Cumulative viewing time (hours)
June 12 88,382 n/a
June 13 531,866 n/a
June 14 557,835 352,991
June 15 362,826 248,148
June 16 416,315 342,203
June 17 447,147 322,475

Decision welcomed

EBU president Jean Paul Philippot said that the court had delivered the right result and offered his organisation's support to build a new broadcaster.

"This is a positive turn because it means public service media will return to Greece,” he said. “We welcome the news that ERT will reopen, and we offer our support to build a new, successful, independent and sustainable public broadcaster that will contribute to pluralism and diversity in Greek society."

Livestream from ERT headquarters


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