Inspired into Chasing Athens

New novel looks at lessons about life and love that come from living in a foreign culture

The beauty within Greece's culture, people and traditions and the unexpected turns caused by the crisis are the extremes that inspired me to write my debut novel, a romantic comedy/contemporary romance called Chasing Athens

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  • Pain of the Polytechnic still very much felt in Norway
    At the gates of the Polytechnic: Liv Kari Engeland during her visit to Athens ​this summer​, her third such trip (Photo: Liv Kari Engeland) The sister of Toril Margrethe Engeland, who was shot on the evening of 16 November 1973 near the Athens Polytechnic, speaks about her death and memory on the 40th anniversary of the junta's bloody suppression of the student uprising

  • Padlocking the past
    An archaeological site is padlocked due to a strike(File photo: Reuters) It is shameful when governments claim but then do not perform the task of keeping our common heritage public. When they cannot, the answer is not to lock away a public good but rather to step forward (or perhaps in this case backward) as citizens to keep that public good available to all

  • Fighting off the inner demons
    In his new book 'Malcolm is a Little Unwell', former BBC Athens correspondent Malcolm Brabant relives his swift and destructive mental decline after being given a routine yellow fever jab in an Athens medical clinic. 'What have I learned from this?' he tells EnetEnglish. 'That there is a very thin dividing line between being sane and crazy... Being successful one minute and homeless the next'

  • Inside the mind of Greece's growing sex industry
    Most of the estimated 20,000 prostitutes in Greece work illegally and have caused a sharp rise in sexually transmitted diseases Photojournalist Myrto Papadopoulos has spent many nights sharing the lives of prostitutes in Greece. Her brief? Not only to capture stunning images but also to document a cultural phenomenon where the economic crisis and an ever-growing sex industry appear interlinked. In an interview with EnetEnglish, she outlines her experiences and ambitious plans to help the victims of a society she is trying to rediscover

  • Love in the time of… crisis
    A couple kisses during an Indignant antiausterity rally at Syntagma square in Athens, May 2011 (Reuters) How a piece of graffiti in downtown Athens proclaiming 'Erotas i tipota' (Love or nothing) was the spark for a Greek British journalist and two colleagues to ask people how the crisis has affected their love lives and romances

  • Is Greece in shock?
    According to bestselling author Naomi Klein, the systemic use of shock and fear by the power elites to undermine vulnerable communities is very much evident in post-bailout Greece. From the rise of racism to the sell-off of the country's oil and natural gas resources – much of what will shape Greece's immediate future are, she argues, predictable consequences of the politics of austerity

  • A sweet pill to swallow
    Imagine a world where you can suck on a sweet of honey and thyme and instantly soothe someone else’s pain. The Greek branch of Doctors of the World did just that and more. Their ‘Pastilles For Another’s Pain’ campaign aims to tap into a growing pool of solidarity for those suffering both at home and abroad

  • A customer-driven approach to hailing a cab
    Looking for a cab with air conditioning, a baby seat, free WiFi, even a welcoming hand to your pet – and all from the touch of a smartphone button? Nick Drandakis, the founder of the innovative Taxibeat app, talks about the success of his taxi-hailing startup

  • When healthcare is used as a ‘weapon of war’
    Syrian and local children in  Amman, Jordan, highlight the plight of those suffering in Syria the night before the second anniversary of the start of the conflict  (Reuters) On the second anniversary of the Syrian conflict, two Greek doctors with Medecins Sans Frontieres describe the conditions of working in makeshift hospitals in rebel-controlled areas of the country and the experience of treating mass victims of aerial bombardments