Golden Dawn disrupts New York film event

Four Golden Dawn members shout 'Commies, you will die!' at film screening

Four Golden Dawn members showed up at a documentary screening in New York and attempted to intervene in the post-film discussion using a megaphone but were ousted by the event organisers, shouting 'Commies, you will die!' on their way out

Tensions rose during a Greek-American documentary screening in New York when Golden Dawn members attempted to intervene in the post-film discussion using a megaphone.

The incident occurred on Saturday at the Stathakion Cultural Centre in Astoria, during the screening of “Greek-American Radicals: The Untold Story”, a historical documentary about the journey of Greek-American radicalism.

The documentary presents a forgotten page of Greek immigrant experience in America: the role of immigrants in the radical labour movement in the US and the journey of the Greek-American left from the early 20th century until the anticommunist witchhunts of the McCarthy era.

Four young Golden Dawn members were among the audience at the packed theatre and when the screening ended they attempted to intervene in the post-film discussion using a megaphone, sparking strong reaction from the event organisers.

The men were ousted from the event amid pushing and shoving, shouting “commies, you will die!” on their way out.
This is the fifth time in a  year that members of the neo-nazi party have loudly made their presence known in New York.

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