Sisa, the two-euro drug hit that has hit Athens' streets

Vice magazine presents sisa, 'the epitome of an austerity drug'

A new drug with detrimental effects has made its appearance in the streets of austerity Athens. Mostly taken by the poor and the homeless, sisa is 'the cocaine of the poor', as one user put it

An anti-drug police operation in progress (Eurokinissi) An anti-drug police operation in progress (Eurokinissi) The Greek crisis has not only exacerbated drug use in the country, but has also led to massive consumption of a new cheap drug with detrimental effects, according to an article published in the UK edition of Vice magazine on Thursday.

Sisa, as the drug is known by on the streets, “is the epitome of an austerity drug”, mostly taken by the poor and the homeless, says the Vice article, which was writen by Alex Miller, the editor-in-chief of the magazine in the UK.

The director of a drug rehabilitation organisation Kethea, Charalampos Poulopoulos, told the magazine that sisa comes with nasty effects, including “insomnia, delusions, heart attacks and aggressiveness”.

“It’s the drug of the streets, produced in home-based laboratories,” he said.

He told Vice that sisa is a form of crystal methamphetamine (crystal meth), but it can also reportedly contain filler ingredients like battery acid, engine oil, shampoo and cooking salt.

“Addicts who’ve been priced out of using smack, crack, and meth have turned to sisa, which costs as little as two euros a hit,” the article says.

According to Poulopoulos, sisa has been on the market for the last two years.

“Sisa has become something of an urban legend in Athens,” the magazine reports. “Everyone knows it exists, but no one knows exactly what it is. The only people with any real understanding of it are its users, the police who bust them and the dealers who fuel the epidemic.”

Speaking to Vice, a young anarchist said: “How can I tell if someone’s a sisa user? It’s easy – they’re unbalanced, unstable, like a psychopath. They have crazy eyes, are talking to themselves and they are very aggressive. I think sisa is the worst drug in the world.”

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