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Six new videos launched to promote holidays in Crete

No gods, no myths, just Greece (or Crete): Six new advertisements from Crete show how tourism videos should be made

Scene from Beach Daydreaming Scene from Beach Daydreaming It certainly hasn’t been the best of weeks for the Greek tourism video genre, at least those produced by the country’s official tourism agency EOT, whose latest promotional effort has been beset with controversy after this blog showed that it contained footage from the 1936 Berlin Olympics and unauthorised content from photographers.

Yet, on 3 November, the very day that Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni launched EOT’s latest video at a major tourism fair in London, the Crete regional authority published on YouTube its new tourism advertisements for the 2015 season.

Comprising six spots, the new videos are based on the concept of “Crete – the island inside you”, which is the new communicative identity of the Incredible Crete campaign.

Three of the videos show how the experiences made in a Cretan holiday stay with family of four long after their return home to an unidentified northern European country. In one, entitled Beach Daydreaming, the father tries to relive a fond, Raki-fuelled memory with his wife in his local swimming pool, with hilarious consequences.

All six videos can be seen in the YouTube playlist above

In another, called Easter Daydreaming, the mind of one of his son’s wanders back to an Easter spent in a Cretan village where he engaged in the preparation and celebration of Easter. The third daydreaming clip focuses on how the mother, also back home, longs for the relaxation and pampering she enjoyed in Crete.

Sticking with the same theme, Falling in Love Daydreaming looks at how a young cultured Italian woman whose fond of classical recitals becomes enamoured with traditional Cretan musician, after considerable effort on his part.

Directed by Thodoris Papadoulakis, best known for his work in adapting Victoria Hislop’s The Island into a television series for a Greek channel, the films are produced by Indigoview, an audio visual productions based in Chania, and McCann Erickson, a global advertising agency network.

The tourism videos sponsored by the Crete regional authority have proved extremely popular. A 2012 spot, entitled See for yourself, feel for yourself, has been watched over 860,000 times.

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