Golden Dawn MP calls other MPs 'goats'

After speaker moved to expel MP for outburst, Golden Dawn colleagues staged walkout

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After referring to Alexis Tsipras as 'Mr Alexis', Golden Dawn MP Panayiotis Iliopoulos was expelled from the chamber, shouting 'you are goats, you are jokers' on his way out, while his Golden Dawn colleagues protested by walking out. 'Heil Hitler' was heard three times as Golden Dawn MPs left the chamber

Panayiotis Iliopoulos (File photo) Panayiotis Iliopoulos (File photo) An Golden Dawn MP has been expelled from a debate in the parliament after mocking the Syriza leader.

Panayiotis Iliopoulos was expelled Friday after referring to Alexis Tsipras as "Mr Alexis," which in Greek is considered a disrespectful form of address.

The outburst prompted deputy speaker Yiannis Dragasakis (Syriza) to propose a motion of censure against the MP, Panayiotis Iliopoulos, and to ask house officials to remove him from the chamber.

It was the first time the parliamentary rule was applied since Golden Dawn entered parliament a year ago - and considered an unusual step for a parliament where debates are often heated.

The 46-year-old lawmaker shouted, "You are goats. You are jokers," before the leaving the chamber.

Iliopoulos’ Golden Dawn colleagues protested by walking out on the proceedings. 

According to reports, a Golden Dawn MP shouted "Heil Hitler" three times as he left the chamber. Golden Dawn denied the claims, saying that Syriza MP Stavros Kontonis was the one who shouted "Heil Hitler" at them.

Speaking to enet.gr, Kontonis firmly denied saying these words, explaining that “we heard them say 'Heil Hitler' and complained. Some of us may have repeated it in an ironic way.”

Golden Dawn described Iliopoulos' expulsion as an act of "unprecedented censorship".

The incident occurred during a discussion on the hate speech bill which is expected to be tabled in parliament in the coming days.

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