Poll gives Syriza 7 point lead in country's largest constituency

GPO poll puts Syriza at 24.2% in outer Athens and New Democracy at 17%

According to the GPO/Newspost poll, Syriza is polling at 24.2% in outer Athens, giving it more than a seven-point lead over conservative New Democracy, which polled 17%

A new opinion poll shows gives leftist main opposition Syriza a significant lead in outer Athens, the country's largest constituency.

According to the GPO poll for the Newspost.gr website, Syriza is polling at 24.2%, giving it more than a seven-point lead over conservative New Democracy, which polled 17%.

With 42 MPs, the outer Athens constituency provides almost a sixth of parliament's 300 seats. 

However, in the 17-seat central Athens constituency, New Democracy is on 21.2%, followed by Syriza at 20%.

Neonazi Golden Dawn is in third place in both polls: at 8.5% in central Athens and 8.2% in outer Athens.

The poll was conduced on October 7-11, after the government crackdown on Golden Dawn. 

The full details of the poll are:

Central Athens (A): New Democracy 21.2%, Syriza 20%, Golden Dawn 8.5,% Communist Party 5.9%, Pasok 5, Independent Greeks 3.9%, Democratic Left 3.6%, Others 4.5%, undecided 19.9%, will not vote 4.7% and spoiled votes 2.8%

Outer Athens (B): Syriza 24.2%, New Democracy 17%, Golden Dawn 8.2%, Communist Party 6.5%, Pasok 4.1%, Independent Greeks 4.1%, Democratic Left 3.8%, Others 5.6, undecided 18%, will not vote 4.1% and spoiled votes 4.4%

Note: this article was corrected to state that Syriza has a seven, not an eight, point lead in the outer Athens constituency

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