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Live blog on all the developments from the crackdown on Golden Dawn

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A live blog into all the latest revelations emerging from the investigation into Golden Dawn, three days after the arrest of the neonazi party's leader and five of its MPs

Golden Dawn's deputy leader Christos Pappas is escorted to court by anti-terrorist officers (ANA-MPA) Golden Dawn's deputy leader Christos Pappas is escorted to court by anti-terrorist officers (ANA-MPA) Three days after the arrest and subsequent charging of Golden Dawn's leader, five of his MPs and almost two dozen party functionaries and members with involvement in a criminal organisation, a steady stream of information is emerging from the investigation. We will attempt to post as much of that here as possible: 

21.00 Unfortunately, we have to call it a day, folks. Thanks for being with us and please stop by tomorrow for some more! 

20.50 Police have released the transcripts of 11 telephone conversations between Golden Dawn members – and their friends and family – implicated in the murder of Pavlos Fyssas. The discussions were tapped by the secret service between September 21–25. The links below are to the relevant articles on Enet.gr, which are in the original Greek. 

1st conversation 21 Sept 2013

1st conversation, 21 Sept 2013

2nd conversation, 21 Sept 2013

3rd conversation, 25 Sept 2013

4th conversation, 25 Sept 2013

5th conversation, 24 Sept 2013

6th conversation, 23 Sept 2013

7th conversation, 21 Sept 2013

8th conversation, 21 Sept 2013

9th conversation, 21 Sept 2013

10th conversation, 21 Sept 2013

11th conversation, 21 Sept 2013

20.20 Those arrested on account of their involvement in Golden Dawn will be "tried in a democratic way", the prime minister has assured a leading American Jewish advocacy organisation. Speaking in New York, Antonis Samaras assured the American Jewish Committee (AJC) that Golden Dawn will be completely exposed for the criminal organisation that it is, pointing out that its leader and five party deputies have all been arrested on criminal charges.

But Samaras cautioned that it was wrong to condemn all Golden Dawn voters as neonazi sympathisers, arguing that "a part of our society fell victim of populism and extremism; even neonazi type of extremism" as a result of the unprecedented crisis and unemployment levels.

Samaras said:

Luckily, our society reacted in a very healthy way and our authorities responded in a very decisive way, identifying the culprits of such crimes and the ones who possibly stand behind them. As we speak, all of the leading members of the neonazi group Golden Dawn have been arrested and are being prosecuted.

We are dedicated to completely eradicating such a 'shame'. We must do it within the context of our democratic constitution. But we have to go all the way and do whatever it takes. There is no room for neonazis in any part of the democratic world. And there is no tolerance for them or for any kind of extremism undermining democratic institutions. Fascism can have many faces. There is absolutely no tolerance for any of them.

And a photo:

20.10 The girlfriend and father of Pavlos Fyssas, whose murder sparked the crackdown on Golden Dawn, provided their testimonies to the 6th investigating magistrate in Piraeus earlier this afternoon. As is the norm when testimony is deposited, the hearing was closed. Neither spoke to the waiting media outside, but according to reports, the girlfriend said she was unaware that Fyssas had been threatened in the past. She told the court that as they left a cafe on the night of the murder, they noticed a group of people were following them. She confirmed that she can identify those involved and that Yiorgos Roupakias was responsible for stabbing her partner. She also alleges police negligence at the time of the murder.

On Tuesday, the investigating magistrate will receive testimony from nine members of the Communist Party (KKE) were were hospitalised after they were attacked by a 50-strong crowd of Golden Dawn members in Perama on September 12.

19.55 And the second sketch from today's issue of Elefterotyopia, by Vangelis Papavasiliou: 

19.50 Today's sketch from Eleftherotypia cartoonist Kostas Koufogiorgos

19.10 Eleftherotypia has obtained full records of hundreds of calls to and from mobile phones and landlines of key Golden Dawn figures implicated in the case. The graphs below concern only one of those arrested over the weekend. More details in tomorrow's issue of the newspaper.

18.20 Police have released diagrams reconstructing the telephone calls made and received by key Golden Dawn figures on the night Pavlos Fyssas was murdered. One of the graphs covers the 24 hours from 9pm on September 17 and 8.11pm on September 18 and the other from 9pm and 3am on September 18-19. The records show that Lagos received 11 calls at 00.12 on September 18, minutes after Fyssas' murder. The graphs show that personalities and offices at all levels of the organisation, from Golden Dawn's central office, to leading MPs, to the local MP, to the local branch leader, down to the hit squads and, ultimately, Fyssas' murderer. 

Specifically, the documents, compiled with information from the state's counterterrorism unit, maps the dozens of conversations betweeen Lagos and Yiorgos Roupakias, the man accused with Fyssas' murder, and between Yiorgos Patelis, the head of the Golden Dawn branch in Nikea, with Roupakias, his family, the Golden Dawn headquarters and with Lagos.



17.45 The head of the secret service (EYP) department responsible for monitoring Golden Dawn was fired on Friday on the direct orders of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, the Kouti tis Pandoras news website has reported. The excuse given was that the agent had family members with ties to Golden Dawn. But Kouti tis Pandoras says that this official, directly or indirectly, tipped off Golden Dawn leaders about police activity against the party. It also alleges that the agent was given the job by Samaras, despite opposition from Pasok who said that his predecessor had not completed the minimum of three years that people holding the post are supposed to serve. With the changes instigated by Samaras, the entire team of the unit – named counter-intelligence directorate III - was replaced. This particular officer was also involved in the abduction of 28 Pakistani nationals in Athens in the aftermath of the July 2005 London bombings. 

17.20 More illegally held weapons have been found in the home of one of the arrested Golden Dawn MPs. Police say they have recovered two guns from a property owned by Christos Pappas, Golden Dawn's deputy leader, in Ioannina: a 9mm Luger pistol and a Colt .38 Special with a six-round cylinder. They also found a bayonet measuring 53cm in length in total, with a 42cm blade; a brass knuckle, flags and helmets displaying the SS logo and swastika, wine labelled with images of Mussolini, photographs of Hitler and Nazi books as well as four old Gospels which Pappas may have held in contravention of the law on antiquities.

17.00 A constitutional lawyer says that if Golden Dawn MPs resign their seats en masse, then this would be "political suicide" on their part as it would lose its parliamentary mantle and any pretences to it being a political organisation, leaving it exposed simply as a criminal grouping. Giorgos Sotirelis, a professor of constitutional law at the University of Athens, also said that there is no law that calls for vacant seats to be immediately filled that that parliament could enact a measure preventing byelections from being held in the constituencies were Golden Dawn MPs were elected in June 2012. In an interview with the Athens News Agency, Sotirelis also said that parliament needs to pass the proposed draft antiracist legislation as existing laws are outdated. 

16.40 Police announced earlier today that ballistic examination has found that a 9mm pistol, owned by Golden MP Ilias Panagiotaros, was used to fire rounds at the funeral of Nikos Dertilis, a junta army officer convicted of shooting dead a 20-year-old electrician during the 1973 Polytechnic uprising. Sentenced to live imprisonment in 1975 for the murder of Michailis Myroyiannis, Dertilis was refused parole as he refused to admit his guilt. He died in January of this year. 

16.20 The girlfriend of Pavlos Fyssas, the 34-year-old hip hop artist murdered by a Golden Dawn supporter almost two weeks ago, has been testifying in a Piraeus court about what she saw on that night of September 17. She had asked for postponement on the grounds of her psychological state. Fyssas' father is also due to deposit his testimony today.  

16.00 The semiofficial Athens News Agency reports that the investigation into Golden Dawn has identified MP Ilias Kasidiaris, who gained international notoriety last year when he assaulted a female political opponent live on television, as the leader within the party structure for "operational" activities, meaning he was responsible for training members of the party's attack squads. These attack squards are mentioned in the report into the party's activities published on Sunday by Supreme Court deputy prosecutor Haralambos VourliotisIts, who says that Golden Dawn structure is divided into distinct operational and political sections. The squads carried out actions such as violent attacks against those regarded as the organisation’s enemies. Both sections, operational and political, were under the ultimate control of Golden Dawn's leader, Nikos Michaloliakos, who ran the party according to the Nazi “fuehrer principle”.

Furthermore, on the night of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, telephone records show that Yiannis Lagos, the party's MP in Piraeus, spoke with his fellow Golden Dawn MPs Ilais Panagiotaros and Nikos Michaloliakos.

16.00 Welcome to today's live blogging into the latest revelations from the Golden Dawn investigation. 

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