Bullets sent to Supreme Court prosecutors

Anonymous note calls for release of unnamed prisoners

Letter with bullets signed using the real surname of poet Odysseas Elytis vows attacks unless unnamed people 'unjustly remanded' are released in 15 days

The Areios Pagos (Supreme Court) building The Areios Pagos (Supreme Court) building Counter-terrorism officers are conducting an investigation into the sending of a letter containing three 7.72mm bullets through the post to the Supreme Court prosecution office on Monday.

The package was sent in the name of "Alepoudellis", the actual surname of renowned poet Odysseas Elytis, who was born on the island of Lesvos, which is where Supreme Court chief prosecutor Efterpi Koutzamani also comes from.

The letter contained a note calling for the released of unnamed persons: "If in 15 days you have not released those unjustly remanded in custody in this dirty affair, then in the space of 20 months, either the minister, or the prosecutor or the magistrate involved in the case will mourn people close to them, regardless of age and sex. This period of time will be required to locate these targets. Injustice will wipe out families."

A scan of the envelope upon its arrival revealed the presence of the three bullets. Both the letter and the bullets were handed over to the counter-terrorism squad.

Last September, the public order minister, Nikos Dendias, requested Koutzamani to include 32 cases as part of the wider investigation into the alleged criminal activity of Golden Dawn. 

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