Migrant workers stabbed in wages dispute facing deportation

Antiracist group calls on authorities to halt deportation so men can testify in court

Antiracist group Keerfa alleges that men, stabbed on May 9 when they demanded 45 days' backpay, are being deported in order to protect their employers

One of the men facing deportation (Photo: www.antiracismfascism.org) One of the men facing deportation (Photo: www.antiracismfascism.org) Two Bangladeshi agricultural labourers who say they were stabbed by middlemen in a dispute over wages earlier this month are being threatened with deportation, an antiracist group has claimed.

The group, the United Movement Against Racism and Fascist Threat (Keerfa), said the police have initiated deportation procedures against the two, in order to cover up the role of their employers in the stabbing.

The men – Monsurul Islam and Zaheer Hussain – were among 17 strawberry pickers who staged a protest on May 9 after they were unpaid for 45 days.

A foreman employed by the plantation owner and some other men – who were all from Bangladesh – allegedly assaulted the men, stabbing them with a knife.

The incident occurred in Manolada, where in a separate incident in April three foremen opened fire on migrant strawberry pickers after they demanded up to six months' backpay.

The plantation where the two men worked supplied strawberries to the Vangelatos company, which is at the centre of April's previous shooting incident.

Keerfa has called on the ministries of the interior and public order to issue the men with residence permits so that they can testify in the trial of their alleged attackers.

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