12-year-old girl injured in assault on mayor by Golden Dawn MP

MP Germenis attempts to punch Kaminis at municipal Easter event after Athens mayor successfully stops Greek-only food handout at Syntagma Square

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A Golden Dawn MP reportedly struck a 12-year-old girl on Thursday while attempting to assault Athens mayor Yiorgos Kaminis after the mayor successfully stopped a Greeks-only food handout on Syntagma Square by the extreme right party

Photo from tweet  from French journalist Elisa Perrigueur Photo from tweet from French journalist Elisa Perrigueur A 12-year-old girl was injured on Thursday as a Golden Dawn MP attempted to punch Athens mayor Yiorgos Kaminis after the mayor successfully stopped a Greeks-only food handout on Syntagma square by the extreme-right party.

MP Giorgos germenis - known as Kaiadas - assaulted Kaminis inside a municipal stall offering Orthodox Easter candles and food to children.

Kaminis' bodyguards intervened to block the punch but a 12-year-old girl was injured in the stall, which was located around 100 metres from the Golden Dawn headquarters. Germenis also reached for a gun in the incident.

The girl suffered a bruised forehead.

The mayor confirmed the attempted assault in local radio interview afterwards.

"The fact that the individual can wander around and attempt to punch me, and armed at that… this should trouble society generally, but also the citizens that voted for them. The only language that these people speak is brute force and thuggery," he told Vima 99.5.

Riot police earlier used tear gas to disperse members of Golden Dawn who were preparing a Greeks-only food handout in Syntagma Square.

Kaminis said on Wednesday that he would do everything he could to stop the “racist and xenophobic” handout. He asked Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias for police intervention because, he said, Golden Dawn had not requested permission for the handout.

Riot police positioned themselves on Syntagma Square as a group of around 50 members of the extreme right party gathered early on Thursday morning. A truck full of food neared the Grande Bretagne hotel but was not allowed past a riot police blockade.

With tensions rising, police made limited use of tear gas, scattering the Golden Dawn members and forcing the truck to leave.

Speaking from Syntagma, Kaminis said: "Thuggery will not pass".

"Of course there are problems in the city because of the economic crisis," he said. "[But] the idea of thuggery will not pass. There is a coordinated state and municipal authorities. As long as I’m mayor, this will not pass."

He added that the Athens municipality prepares and distributes 9,000 meals a day in soup kitchens, and around 1,000 at schools ... "but it doesn’t tout it. [It does it] very discretely."

"Solidarity is one thing, theatrical philanthropy is another," he said.

Police earlier closed several roads, among them, Vassilisis Sofias and Amalias avenues and handed a parking ticket to controversial Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris whose car was parked illegally.

The truck and Golden Dawn members drove to the party's headquarters near Larissis railway station where the handout was due to continue.

Thousands have reportedly gathered there.

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