Golden Dawn attempt another hospital raid

Plans by rightwing extremists to check Kalamata hospital for foreign nurses foiled

Golden Dawn's plans to inspect Kalamata state hospital for privately employed nurses are halted when they encounter a group of Roma, who believed they intended to attack them

Photo taken outside the hospital, published in the local Eleftheria newspaper Photo taken outside the hospital, published in the local Eleftheria newspaper Two months after they entered a hospital in Tripoli looking for privately employed foreign nurses, Golden Dawn members have searched another hospital, this time in Kalamata, apparently for the same purpose.

Led by an MP Dimitris Koukoutsis, the rightwing extremists arrived at the hospital at around 10pm on Monday, planning to check the papers of foreign nurses.

Personal nurses and carers are often hired by patients’ families to look after their sick.

At the hospital, the Golden Dawn members encountered a group of Roma, who had brought a 22-year-old to the hospital for treatment.

Fearing that they were the target of Golden Dawn, the Roma alerted the police.

Golden Dawn later denied it intended to attack the Roma. But according to the local press, Koukoutsis said: "We won't regard them as equal citizens until they stop their involvement in delinquency", adding that he didn't believe this would ever be possible as "gypsies are delinquent in their DNA".

Speaking to regional state radio, the hospital's director, Yiorgos Bezos, described as "unacceptable" the fact that Golden Dawn intended to "control" nurses working in the hospital.

Further reports say that Bezos has reported the incident to the regional health authority and the health ministry in Athens.

"Under no circumstances can anyone, whatever the reason, substitute the legal bodies of a democratic state."

Last month, the director of a public hospital in Tripoli was been removed from her position after allowing members of Golden Dawn to enter the premises in February and check the details of private nurses.

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