Health minister wants all the 'glory' for firing public doctors

Adonis Georgiadis says decision won't be troika's but his alone

If a review of Eopyy's structures show that there is overstaffing of doctors or specialists not required at primary healthcare level, then they will be fired, Adonis Georgiadis vows

Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis The health minister said on Wednesday that he is prepared to fire medics from the largest publicly owned primary healthcare service if required, insisting however that there would be no dismissals of doctors from state hospitals.

Adonis Georgiadis said that dismissing doctors from the national healthcare organisation Eopyy remained a possibility, pending a review of its structures.

If the review found that Eopyy was overstaffed with doctors or specialists not required at primary healthcare level then they would be fired, he said. 
Speaking at a press conference, the minister said he was not afraid of taking the blame for firings.

Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis says he wants the praise for firing doctors at 11:55

"If there are layoffs [in Eoppy], I don't want [Poul] Thomsen [of the IMF] to take the glory for what is necessary. The decision will be mine. Why will I do it? Because it's necessary. Our country has to learn to do the right thing," the New Democracy minister said.

He added that the government intended to transform Eopyy into a purchaser of healthcare from the public and private sectors and to stop being a "provider".

When reminded that he had promised doctors in August that there no firings of doctors - he placed a bet with doctors' representatives in front of TV cameras - the minister insisted that he meant there would be no firings from the national health service, meaning hospitals. 

He said the "country suffers from a lack of understanding" about the problems in the health sector. 

He said recently published photographs showing overcrowding in hospitals were unfortunate and that the ministry was trying to eradicate such scenes. However, he said there were political reasons behind the publication of the photographs.

"I don't see how it helps anyone working in the national health service when it is presented as being in tatters," he said.

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