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CCTV footage captures gun attack on Golden Dawn members

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Police say video footage shows perpetrator shooting his victims in the head and body at close range while they lay wounded on the ground

A: Attacker fires at Gerontas, who manages to escape; B: Attacker fires at 4th man, who manages to run into building; C/Γ: attacker shoots and kills Fountoulis and Kapelonis; D/Δ: attackers escape on motorbike (Graphic: Eleftherotypia) A: Attacker fires at Gerontas, who manages to escape; B: Attacker fires at 4th man, who manages to run into building; C/Γ: attacker shoots and kills Fountoulis and Kapelonis; D/Δ: attackers escape on motorbike (Graphic: Eleftherotypia) Police investigators are pouring over CCTV footage from the scene of Friday night's double murder outside a Golden Dawn office in a northern Athens suburb in their attempt to identify the perpetrators.

The attack took place at 420 Irakliou Avenue, one of the busiest streets in the Neo Iraklio district.

Police sources have told Eleftherotypia that the footage not only provides a second-by-second record of the shooting, but shows that the four Golden Dawn members standing outside the building noticed the motorcycle on which the two perpetrators were riding before the attack.

One of the attackers then dismounted the bike and ran towards them, opening fire at a distance of 15m before moving closer.

The police sources added that the shooter was wearing a baseball cap – not a helmet as claimed in initial media reports – and took just seven seconds in which to discharge a total of 13 bullets and fatally wound two of the four people he was firing at.

The sources said that Alexandros Gerontas was hit by one of the first two bullets fired. Although badly injured, Gerontas managed to escape by running away, before collapsing on the ground, which possibly saved his life. He remains in critical condition at Athens general state hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery over the weekend.

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A fourth man also escaped by initially running to the right towards the nearby Megalou Konstantinou street. But in a moment of shock, the authorities say, he ran back, passing in front of the attacker, who fired twice at him, missing his target by just 2.5m. This man then managed to slip into the entrance to his party's offices and was not pursued by the shooter.

Instead, the gunman turned on Yiorgos Fountoulis, 27, and Manolis Kapelonis, 22, who were "frozen" on the spot, firing two bullets at each of them.

One of the victims put his hands of his face in an effort to protect himself.

The perpetrator then approached one of the victims, who had collapsed on the pavement, shooting him twice in the head from a distance of a half a metre.

He then returned to his second victim, who had collapsed in a pool of his own blood after being shot in the head while standing up, firing two more rounds into his body.

The driver

The video footage then captures the motorcycle driver, who was wearing a helmet and holding a pistol in his hand. The two then disappear from view of the camera.

Police believe the two attackers made their escape through Afxentiou and Minoos streets, before dumping the motorcyle in the Helidonou stream, in what they believe was an effort to destroy DNA and fingerprint evidence.

The pair then escaped together in another vehicle or were assisted by othersm, police believe.

The motorbike in question, a Honda Africa Twin, was reported stolen late last July from the Athens district of Kallithea, which police sources believe suggests that the perpetrators were planning a "hit" on other "economic" or "political" targets, but changed their plans following the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, who was stabbed by a Golden Dawn supporter, just over six weeks ago.

No group has claimed responsibility for Friday's attack, although antiterrorist police are believed to have identified some similarities between the shooting and other incidents.

Forensic experts at the scene of the attack (Eleftherotypia) Forensic experts at the scene of the attack (Eleftherotypia) Funerals

Meanwhile, the funerals of the two murdered men will take place on Monday. The family of Yiorgos Fountoulis has requested that "no politician from any party" attend his funeral.

We want "his friends to attend, not as Golden Dawners, but as friends to honour their friend. We don't want any blood, as our child watered the asphalt with his own blood, nor honour, because we know the integrity and honour of our child," said a statement from his father, posted on his late son's Facebook page.  

The funeral of the other victim, Manolis Kapelonis, 23, will take place in Artemida, in eastern Attica.

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