More weapons and Nazi paraphernalia found in fugitive businessman's villa

Anastasios Pallis is alleged to have contacts with Golden Dawn

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In addition to ten pistols, police find Nazi flags, military uniforms, statutes, Hitler portraits, Nazi helmets, swastikas and other items in a specially designed room in fugitive businessman Anastasios Pallis' villa

Nazi paraphernalia in a room in Anastasios Pallis' villa (Photo: Hellenic Police) Nazi paraphernalia in a room in Anastasios Pallis' villa (Photo: Hellenic Police) More weapons –  and a hoard of Nazi paraphernalia – have been found in the Athens villa of fugitive businessman Anastasios Pallis, a day after police raided it as part of its investigation into the neonazi Golden Dawn party and found 21 automatic guns (registered as hunting rifles) and 60 knives.

In a specially designed room, police said they found Nazi flags, military uniforms, statutes and portraits of Hitler and other Nazi leaders. Some objects, including Nazi helmets, swastikas and other items were kept in glass showcases.

A housekeeper employed at the villa, located at Panorma in the plush southeastern coastal suburb of Voula, is expected to be led before a prosecutor in relation to the finds at the premises.

Police said they recovered the following 10 pistols, all of which were licensed:

Portraits of Hitler (Photo: Hellenic Police) Portraits of Hitler (Photo: Hellenic Police) * Walther .357 Magnum pistol

* Walther 9mm pistol

* Four Glock 9mm pistols

* Four Glock 0.45 pistols

In addition, they found

* mortar shells in a metal box

* 24 telescopic sights

* firearm magazines

* cartridges

* two crossbows and arrows

• a Greek police shield

• a large number of mobile phones, memory cards, SIMs, camcorders, cameras, and wireless devices

Meanwhile, at Piraeus container terminal an anti-aircraft gun dating from the 1940s and Chevrolet car were found that were reportedly destined for the fugitive businessman.


The raid on Pallis' home follows allegations from retired British Army officer Edward Pringle-Stacey that Rallis had 4,000 weapons and was involved with Golden Dawn.

In September, an Athens prosecutor filed charges of abduction and attempted blackmail against Pallis, a former associate of shipowner Victor Restis, who has been accused of embezzling funds from a bank. The charges were made following statements from Pringle-Stacey that he had been hired by Pallis to set up a service to protect Restis' ships from piracy.

When Pringle-Stacey came to Athens after Pallis halted payments for his services, he claims he was held against his will at Athens airport by three men that were working for Pallis, who tried to get him to sign a document while he was there.

Among Pallis' business interests is a 40% shareholding with Restis in Proto Thema, a newspaper that has been extensively criticised in the past for its uncritical reporting on neonazi Golden Dawn.

A former military officer, Pallis later become involved in business, serving as a business advisor to the controversial Mount Athos monastery of Vatopedi, maintaining a close relationship with its abbott, Ephraim, who, it was announced last week, will stand trial along with 13 others over a controversial land swap between the New Democracy government of Kostas Karamanlis and the monastery.

Pallis then appeared in Crete as a shareholder in a British company, Loyalward, which attempted build a tourist resort on a 2,600-hectare site of public property at Cavo Sidero leased to Toplou monastery, on Crete. 

Later, through a company registered in Cape Verde, he established a premium-rate sex line scam that cost Greek telecommunications company OTE and internet users €4.2m.

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