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Live blog on the latest from the Golden Dawn investigation

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A live blog on all the latest revelations emerging from the Golden Dawn case, as the leader of the neonazi party are remanded on custody

Golden Dawn's leader, Nikos Michaloliakos, is escorted by masked police to an Athens court on 2 October 2013 (AFP) Golden Dawn's leader, Nikos Michaloliakos, is escorted by masked police to an Athens court on 2 October 2013 (AFP) A live blog on all the latest revelations emerging from the Golden Dawn case, as the leader and deputy leader of the neonazi party are remanded on custody. Please hit your browser's refresh button to see the latest stories

21.15 That's all for today, folks. Please tune in again tomorrow!

21.05 Back to Christos Pappas, the deputy Golden Dawn leader. He has been remanded remanded in custody pending trial.

That brings to three the number of Golden Dawn MPs now jailed pending trial, the other two being party leader Nikos Michaloliakos and Greater Piraeus MP Yiannis Lagos

19.50 Christos Pappas, the Number 2 in the Golden Dawn hierarchy, has finished depositing his testimony at Evelpidon courts complex. The two investigating magistrates will now decide whether he should be remanded pending trial or released on bail. That annoucement when we have it. 

19.40 In other (not entirely unrelated) news, researchers said today that they expect unemployment to rise to 34% by 2016. The estimate was made by the Labour Institute of the country's two main trade union federations GSEE and Adedy. According to the study, one million jobs have been lost in Greece since October 2008. "The continuation of the policy of the government and the troika will continue to have devastating effects on GDP and employment in the coming years," said the institute, which underlined the need for a development plan similar to the Marshall plan. It noted that the 27.4% unemployment rate registered in March was the highest rate recorded in 30 years in a western country.

The Labour Institute's figures should be taken seriously, as its previous predictions have been frighteningly accurate.  

19.30 Meanwhile, the Athens News Agency reports that the Supreme Court prosecutor's office is expected to forward case files on other alleged criminal activity involving Golden Dawn MPs to parliament in order to set in train the lifting of their parliamentary immunity so that they can be prosecuted. Such offences include illegal arms possession, for which a ruling by the parliamentary ethics committee is required before the  parliamentary immunity enjoyed by the MP can be lifted.

19.05 The head of the Golden Dawn cell in Perama, Anastasios Pantazis, wanted in connection with the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, has handed himself in to counter-terrorism officers. Members of the Communist Party also allege that Pantazis was involved in the gang attack carried out by a large group of Golden Dawn on KKE members last month

19.00 We've now learned that Michaloliakos and Lagos have been admitted to the women's wing of Korydallos prison. They will be kept seperately in two renovated cells, apart from female prisoners. There are suggestions that the Golden Dawn MPs were sent to the women's wing in the interest of their own safety. 

17.15 Nikos Michaloliakos, the Golden Dawn leader, has been taken to Korydallos prison in Piraeus. He is expected to remain there until this trial for masterminding and involvement in a criminal gang. 

Ατύχημα Zητά κατά τη μεταφορά Μιχαλολιάκου από CDemo83

He's being joined in Korydallos by Yiannis Lagos MP. Yiorgos Patelis, the head of the Golden Dawn branch in Nikea, has been taken to Malandrino prison in Fokida, central Greece; and Venetia Popori, a police sergeant from the security or detective branch in Piraeus who is suspected of providing Golden Dawn with information, has been jailed in Elaiona prison, outside Thiva. 

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16.50 The public order minister has warned that the state must be "vigilant" against the re-emergence of rightwing terrorism in Greece, in an interview with Eleftherotypia published on Thursday

"Fortunately, large-scale rightwing terrorist incidents (eg bombings) have not happened in this country for decades. But there certainly needs to be vigilance against such an eventuality, especially at this juncture," Nikos Dendias told the newspaper. 

He said that the decision of investigating magistrates to release three Golden Dawn MPs on Wednesday was an issue entirely for the judicicial system to decide and that his role was limited to forwarding 32 older cases involving Golden Dawn members to a Supreme Court deputy prosecutor to see if they were evidence of the actions of a criminal gang.

"Everything else was the duty of the judiciary because, as you know, we have a separation of powers in this country. The Greek justice system, even at the highest level, decides who should be prosecuted and for what offenses.

Dendias said the behaviour of the MPs after their release – they kicked, shoved and verbally abused the media – was "repugnant, unsightly and indicative of the neonazi mentality. But let's not kid ourselves. We could not expect anything better from them. They are nazis and behave like nazis."

Turning to the string of arrests of police officers for involvement in Golden Dawn activities, he said he was confidence the internal affairs department will leave the force "sparkling clean" after its investigation into collusion. He said this was the least the state owed to "the vast majority of honest officials to whom we owe our gratitude for the fact that, for meager wages, they risk their lives night and day for the protection of society and who have impressive results in reducing crime".

He said that people need to stop treating uniformed officers of the state, specifically the police, as "potential enemies".

"Moreover, all of us, regardless of our ideological differences, need to reject the use of the violence in everyday life," he added.

16.05 A 50-year-old women, arrested on Wednesday as part of the crackdown on Golden Dawn, has been charged with a number of misdemeanours, including forgery, possession of firecrackers and copyright infringement. As Themis Skordeli was caught "in the act", her trial will take place on Friday, until which she will remain in detention in police headquarters. Skordeli who was arrested along with a 55-year-old retired police officer and his wife.

In searches of the former policeman's offices and homes, police uncovered a large amount of cash, pistols, illegally held cartridges, knives, axes, swords, dozens of mobile phones, counterfeit goods (bags, CDs), cannabis and photocopies of passports, IDs and residence papers. Among other evidence, police found more than €160,000 that had not been declared and could not be justified from the suspect's salary in the police force, of which roughly €20,000 were found in cash in the suspect's houses and €140,000 were deposited in a bank account in his name.The man was once the head of the security or detective division in the Agios Panteleimonas district, where Golden Dawn has a strong presence. 

Skordeli appeared before a prosecutor earlier on Thursday.

For many years, Skordeli was a regular appearance on television shows to talk about the migration issue around Agios Panteleimonas. Invariably described as an "outraged citizen", she was later exposed as a Golden Dawn member and subsequently contested elections for the party.

Skordeli is already facing charges of stabbing an Afghan man in September 2011. Her trial has been postponed eight times, on the strengh of psychological reports provided by a fellow Golden Dawn member who is employed as a psychiatrist in a state hospital.

Here's a photo of Skordeli (centre), taken from the small Golden Dawn protest outside police headquarters on Saturday.

15.50 At a meeting on Wednesday night, the muncipal council of Nikea-Rendi unanimously passed a resoltuion calling for the Golden Dawn office in Nikea, the area where Pavlos Fyssas was murdered a fortnight ago, to shut down and for all activities of the party to cease in the area. Furthermore, the council is to consider a proposal to rename the street where the Golden Dawn branch office is located after Pavlos Fyssas. 

15.45 Christos Pappas, the deputy of Golden Dawn, is still presenting his testimony at the Evelpidion court complext in Athens, where he was taken under armed guard from the Greek Police headquarters at 12.45.

Here's a video him arriving:


15.30 We're back! Apologies for yesterday, when the the internet connection in the EnetEnglish newsroom went down. Everything seems to be back working again. A lot has happened since we last posted, so we'll try to do as much catching up as we can as well as keep you updated on new developments. We'll be here until about 9pm. Thanks for reading!

8.30 Nikos Michaloliakos, Golden Dawn's leader, was remanded in custody pending trial in the early hours of this (Thursday) morning, after five hours of testimony to investigating magistrates. He has been charged with directing and membership of a criminal organisation. About 50 Golden Dawn supporters, including his wife and daughter, were outside the Evelpidon courts complex as he was led away.  

Aslo remanded was Yiorgos Patelis, the head of the Golden Dawn branch in Nikea, Piraeus, in relation to the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, the rapper who was murdered a fortnight ago. 

Later this morning, at 11am, the deputy leader of the party, Christos Pappas, is scheduled to appaer at the same court to present his testimony.

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