Philosophers to descend on Athens

Habermas and Eco among those expected for the 23rd World Congress of Philosophy

Over 2,000 leading philosophical figures, among them Juergen Habermas and Umberto Eco, are expected in Athens in August for a week of musings and deliberations

The statue of ancient philosopher Socrates outside the the Academy of Athens (Reuters) The statue of ancient philosopher Socrates outside the the Academy of Athens (Reuters) Musings and deliberations will return to some of the key sites associated with Athenian philosophy when thinkers from around the globe arrive in the capital for the 23rd World Congress of Philosophy.

The site of Plato's Academy, the Pnyx – the hill near the Acropolis where as early as 507 BC citizens gathered to host their popular assemblies – Aristotle’s Lyceum and at Agia Fotini church on the Ilissos river, the site where Plato’s Phaedrus dialogue takes place, will play host to some of the world's leading philosophers, who are gathering to discuss the theme “Philosophy as inquiry and way of life”.

The event hopes to revisit the classical roots of philosophy, in the year that marks the founding of Plato's Academy 2,400 years ago, and seeks to grapple with the problems that are engaging people in the 21st century and convey messages concerning the values, positions, spiritual orientation and the stance of modern-day philosophers.

Over 2,000 philosophers from 105 countries are expected, among them leading minds such as Juergen Habermas, Umberto Eco, Tomas Calvo, Enrico Berti, Alexander Nehamas and Georgios Anagnostopoulos.

The congress, which runs from August 4-10, is organised by the International Federation of Philosophical Societies and the Greek Philosophical Society under the aegis of Unesco and President Karolos Papoulias.

The formal opening of the congress will take place at Herod Atticus theatre (Irodio), with a major music event in honour of the participants.

Most of the sessions will be held at the philosophy school of the University of Athens

For more information, visit the conference website.

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