Greek cosmetics brand Korres continues to grow despite crisis

18% growth for the group's priority international markets

In the first trimester of 2013 the Korres group achieved an 18% growth in its priority international markets and, despite a marginal sales decrease in Greece, improved its market share in the pharmacy market

(www.korres.com) (www.korres.com) Greek cosmetics brand Korres continued to increase its sales in international markets in the first trimester of 2013, according to the group's financial results report that was published on Friday.

The group achieved an 18% growth for its priority international markets, including Germany, France, UK, Russia and Scandinavia.

In Greece, despite a marginal sales decrease of 1.5%, Korres improved its market share in the pharmacy market.

The group achieved a positive operating cash flow of 1.6m euros from -1,3m euros in the first quarter of 2012.

Korres emerged in 1996 and, spurred by the trend toward natural products, it has grown into an internationally established skincare brand.

The company says it aims to further grow its brand presence through new product categories, new products and promotional activities.

In 2009 cosmetics giant Johnson & Johnson acquired full licensing rights for Korres products in the US.

Named after its founder George Korres, the company today counts 23 stores in the cities of Athens, Paris, Madrid, Helsinki, Dubai, St Petersburg, Prague, Barcelona and Singapore amongst others. Its products are also sold at exclusive department stores in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Milan, Berlin, Sydney, New Delhi, Hong Kong and in over 6,000 pharmacies in Greece.

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