Psaropoulos John


Former editor

John Psaropoulos started his career in journalism writing for the The European newspaper in 1992. He went on to work for CNN Headline News and CNN International in Atlanta, where he was the network’s tapes producer, and where he did his first broadcast reporting. He returned to Greece in 1999 to run the Athens News until 2009, steering it towards coverage of Greece’s eurozone convergence, the competitiveness of its economy, its struggle to introduce reforms and special coverage for the international communities in the country. He reports for Al Jazeera English, PBS NewsHour, The Daily Beast and National Public Radio. He studied classics at King’s College, London. His published work can be found on his blog, He is married to the poet A.E. Stallings, and together they raise two Argonauts, Jason and Atalanta. John left EnetEnglish in July 2013.

Twitter: @thenewathenian


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