Sara and Mara: satire on a political square

Eleftherotypia's new political cartoon series debuts on YouTube

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An innovative political animation series that looks at how two young girls struggle to deal with the country's economic, political, social, and moral crisis in their own very special way has been launched by the Eleftherotypia newspaper.

Screengrab from Eleftherotypia's new satirical cartoon Sara and Mara (YouTube) Screengrab from Eleftherotypia's new satirical cartoon Sara and Mara (YouTube) The cartoons feature a set cast of characters centred on Sara, a shy girl from a conservative home whose political views are largely informed by her military dad, and the boisterous Mara, whose father is a hacker and mother an anarchist and who gets all her news from Twitter.

The girls meet regularly on Syntagma Square outside parliament, where they come to observe and comment on political goings-on both in the chamber and on the square.

Even though they both love to hang out together, they each have their her own political slant and rarely agree on any given subject ... except for how much they dislike Bad Encounter, a violent young guy with ideas as dangerous as someone they've come across in history class - Hitler.

But joining them as an independent observer is the dog Loukanikos (or 'Sausage'), who makes tempered and sane remarks. They both agree that Loukanikos is not only their favourite friend, but a real fighter, and a wise mind. The canine is based on the real stray dog of the same name who achieved worldwide fame by participating in all the major street protests of the last few years.
In featuring a unity of place and two actors who encounter passing characters, the setup claims something from Greek tragedy as well as modern political satire. The scripts, which are in Greek, feature scathing remarks, light profanity and pejorative political labels.
The series is part of Eleftherotypia's public debate, inaugurated last month, about how the constitution ought to be revised to make politicians more accountable.
For the latest in the adventures of Sara and Mara, follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

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