Russian tourist, 11, suffers multiple stabbing on Crete

Dutch hotel entertainer reportedly admits to attack

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An 11-year-old Russian tourist was stabbed up to 20 times by a 20-year-old Dutch entertainer at the hotel he and his family were staying at in northern Crete, according to local media. The boy, who is in critical condition, is being transferred to an Athens hospital

(Archive photo) (Archive photo) An 11-year-old Russian boy has reportedly been stabbed multiple times by a Dutch entertainer working at the hotel he and his family were staying at in northern Crete.

The 20-year-old Dutch man has, according to local news site Cretalive, admitted to the attack in the Anissaras, near Hersonisos, in Irakleio prefecture.

The boy was transported with a C-130 aircraft to an Athens hospital with 20 stab wounds, predominantly to his back, and is reported to be in critical condition.

He was looking for his missing laptop and mobile phone on Tuesday evening when his family became worried about his whereabouts.

His parents searched for him from 9pm till midnight when they informed police that he was missing.

A search eventually found the boy in a car park next to the hotel with the multiple stab wounds - to his back, chest and hand, accoding to a doctor who examined him - but still conscious.

He apparently identified the man who stabbed him, who was already being questioned by police who found the boy's laptop and mobile phone in his possession. 

The man had, reportedly, washed his hands and the weapon and had hidden it in a nearby firehose before returning to the hotel where he worked.

He had been employed on a trial basis by the hotel before the weekend.

The Russian boy was taken by ambulance to a local hospital where he awaited transfer. A C-130 aircraft took off from the mainland at 8.40am to airlift him to Pedon children's hospital in Athens.

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