Golden Dawn MP counterpunches by suing Athens mayor

After Kaminis sues for alleged assault, MP sues back for 'unconstitutionally' stopping Greeks-only food handout

Golden Dawn MP Giorgos Germenis takes legal action against the Athens mayor and the head of the Greek police for 'unconstitutionally' stopping the pre-Easter Greek-only food handout. Athens Mayor Yiorgos Kaminis had earlier asked for exemplary punishment in suing the Golden Dawn MP for trying to punch him at a municipal event shortly after the police intervention at Syntagma

Golden Dawn MP Yiorgos Yermenis (R) Golden Dawn MP Yiorgos Yermenis (R) The Golden Dawn MP being sued by Athens Mayor Yiorgos Kaminis for allegedly attempting to punch him after the extremist party was blocked from a Greeks-only food handout before Easter has sued the mayor and the head of the police force.

Giorgos Germenis is reported to have thrown a punch at Kaminis at a municipal Easter event hours after police – at the mayor's request – stopped the May 8 handout on Syntagma Square.

He is also reported to have reached for a gun.

Germenis is, in turn, suing the mayor, his two bodyguards and the head of the police force, saying that the move to stop the handout was unconstitutional as it went against the right of assembly.

Requesting exemplary punishment for Germenis, Kaminis told an Athens magistrate that the Golden Dawn MP inadvertently hit a 12-year-old girl after his bodyguards had seen the oncoming punch and moved him out the way.

Germenis said that the police intervention to stop the food handout would not stop the party from organising similar events in the future.

The below Alpha TV report shows Germenis being restrained at the municipal event, with angry onlookers asking why he hit the 12-year-old girl.

The MP is told to put his gun away after apparently reaching for his weapon.

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