Athens Indymedia shut down

The Indymedia Athens site was shut down on Thursday The Indymedia Athens site was shut down on Thursday A protest has been called for Friday against the shutting down on Thursday of the Athens website of an international grassroots and activists news network.

Indymedia Athens went offline at around 8pm owing to "pressure from a prosecutor", those behind the site management said.
The shutdown also took the online radio stations 98FM and Radio Entasi off air.
Hosted on a university server, Indymedia's supporters said it gave free speech to grassroots groups and allowed a flow of "counter-information" against what it said was government-controlled news.
Its closure website has been a long-standing demand of certain New Democracy MPs, who said it disseminated statements from terrorist groups admitting bombings and other attacks.
One of most ardent detractors, MP Adonis Georgiadis, tweeted the public order minister, Nikos Dendias, to congratulate him for taking down the webpage.
In a statement published in the Occupied London blog, the group behind the site vowed that "the gagging and the repression of the mediums of counter-information shall not pass".
"Our response shall overcome the ridiculous celebrations of the fascistoids and those in power. The means of counter-information are our own means; they are the voice of our own struggles that show us the way for the world that we want."
Supporters of Indymedia will hold a demonstration on Friday at 1pm near the Athens University campus in Zogragou to protest at the shutting down of the website, which its supporters say allowed for a
Athens Indymedia was established in 2001 by activists from the radical left and anti-authority groups.
It rose to prominence during the December riots following the police shooting of a 15 year-old boy as it allowed demonstrators to communicate their message to a national and international audience.
As an international phenomenon, Indymedia, which stands for Independent Media Centre, originated during Seattle protests against the World Trade Organisation in 1999.
It is associated with the global justice movement, which is critical of neoliberalism and its associated institutions.
It relies an open publishing platform that allows anybody to contribute.

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