Golden Dawn's free food not welcome on Thasos

Villagers tell Golden Dawn that they don't want their charity

Screengrab from the Proini newspaper in Kavala Screengrab from the Proini newspaper in Kavala A small community on a northern Aegean island on Sunday prevented Golden Dawn from distributing food and other basic necessities, telling the extreme-right party that it wasn't welcome.

With banners proclaiming "Don't become the fish they feed" and shouting antiracist slogans, villagers in Potamia, on the island of Thasos, told the Golden Dawn members that they didn't want their charity.

Some villagers who appeared willing to accept the free offer of food were prevented from doing so by the protesters.

Some days ago, Golden Dawn members distributed food in Limenaria, but the response was reportedly small.

The party has said that the village of Panagia will be their next stop, although villagers there have said that neither the party nor its goods will be accepted.

Golden Dawn has organised similar food handouts in other parts of the country. People willing to take the handouts must show their ID to prove that they are Greek.  

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