Golden Dawn paraphernalia found in homes of bank arson suspects

Three men admit involvement in petrol bomb attack on Bank of Cyprus in Volos

(Police photo) (Police photo) Police investigating an arson attack on a branch of a Cypriot bank in Thessaly have said they found Golden Dawn paraphernalia in the home of one of the three youths who have admitted their involvement in the incident.

Police had arrested the three men – aged 17, 21 and 23 – shortly after the attack on the Bank of Cyprus in Volos, which occurred in the early hours of Thursday morning in Volos.

The three have been charged with arson, aggravated damage and illegal possession of arms and explosives.

The parents of the 17 year old were also arrested on charges of abetting the offence through the illegal possession of firearms.

In subsequent searches of the suspects' homes, police found brass knuckles, baseball bats with Nazi slogans, balaclavas, imitation pistols and black sweatshirts bearing the name of Golden Dawn.

Police posted photographs and videos of the material on its website. 

In the attack, which occurred in the early hours of Thursday, a masked man tried unsuccessfully to smash his way into the bank using rocks in order to set it alight using petrol bombs. When that failed, he smashed the bank's ATM, which his two accomplices then torched.

(Police photo) (Police photo) Firefighters prevented the fire from spreading from the ATM into the bank.

Shortly afterwards, police arrested the suspects, who admitted their involvement during questioning by detectives.

In a statement, Golden Dawn denied the suspects had anything to do with the party.

"Those arrested in Volos have no links with Golden Dawn. The types of clothing that were 'discovered' by police at the home of one of the three minors can now be purchased anywhere by anyone, even at street markets," it said.

(Police photo) (Police photo) "If police discovered a football team scarf or key rings of another political party would they publish that information? Golden Dawn reiterates its condemnation of all acts of violence and undertakes to carry out its political struggle within the law and the constitution," the statement concluded.

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