Mapping the Athens metro in Gringlish

Ever wonder what your local metro station means in English?

Goat People, Stone Threshing Floor, Uncle's Ravine, Redundant and Bitter Orange Lady are among the literal translations of Athens' metro stations

A close-up of the Athens metro map in Gringlish A close-up of the Athens metro map in Gringlish Tourists may find many of them a mouthful and it can take learners of Greek a while before they can real them off, with the correct emphasis, like a local. But how many people know the meanings behind the names of Athens various metro stations like Metaxourghio, Nomismatokopio, Doukissis Plakentias, Evangelismos and Nerantziotissa?

That curiosity can now be satisfied thanks to an unofficial map (in full resolution here) uploaded to the internet last week that provides the often hilarious literal translations of placenames, the etymologies of which Greeks themselves wouldn't give much thought about about.

On the map, Egaleo appears as "Goat People", Petralona as "Stone Threshing Floor", Halandri as "Uncle's Ravine", Perissos as "Redundant", Holargos as "Slow Bile" and, in what is our favourite, Nerantziotissa as "Bitter Orange Lady".

Unfortunately, the creator of the map has chosen to remain anonymous. On the Imgur website hosting the image, there are no details on who uploaded it, nor are there any indications on the map. So, if the comical cartographer behind it would like the acknowledgement he deserves, he can let us know.

And in case you're lost, here's the real map of Athens metro system (full resolution here): 

(Map: Wikimedia Commons) (Map: Wikimedia Commons)

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