Golden Dawn infighting continues

Jailed MP expelled days after party colleague resigns in protest at criminal activity

Expulsion of Stathis Boukouras and weekend resignation of Valantis Alexopoulos brings Golden Dawn's parliamentary presence down to 16 MPs, five of whom are in jail

Stathis Boukouras (Photo: Reuters) Stathis Boukouras (Photo: Reuters) Days after one of its parliamentary deputies resigned over the criminal nature of the party, Golden Dawn has expelled one of its jailed MPs.

In a statement announcing the expulsion, the neonazi party also requested Stathis Boukouras, who represents Corinthia, to "return his seat to the Greek people, in line with his promise to them".

Rumours that Boukouras, who was jailed on remand in January was planning to resign began circulating on Monday, following the resignation over the weekend of a fellow MP, Valantis Alexopoulos, who claimed he was shocked by recent allegations about violent activities by members of the party, including attacks on immigrants.

The party's remaining MPs said Alexopoulos was a "liar," ''defamer" and "coward" and called on him to resign. But he said he would remain in parliament as an independent.

This means Golden Dawn now has 16 MPs in parliament.

The party said it would not be "intimidated" by the "dirty war" being waged against it by "anti-Hellenic forces".

"United, our MPs will continue their struggle for Greece and the Greeks".

Boukouras has been in Nafplio prison since January. Five Golden MPs are also in prison pending trial for forming and running a criminal organisation.

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