Video shows 'hellish' conditions in hospital wing of Korydallos prison

More than 15 men, some with serious illnesses, share a 25m2 room

Video emerges from prison wing of Korydallos prison, designed to hold 60 men but which currently houses more than 200

The tweet accompanying this photo said there was a danger of a TB outbreak in the prison wing (Photo: @kolastirio) The tweet accompanying this photo said there was a danger of a TB outbreak in the prison wing (Photo: @kolastirio) A video has emerged from the hospital wing of Korydallos prison, the country's largest jail, where patients started a protest last month to expose the "hellish" conditions in which they are being kept.

The video from the jail, located in Piraeus, was uploaded to YouTube on Friday by France 24's Observers team.

"We are going to enter a room where most of the people need help from nurses …  who never exist," a narrator says, as he is followed by a camera into room that he says accommodates tetraplegics, diabetics and amputees.

One man in a wheelchair who says he is a diabetic explains that both his legs have been amputated.

The narrator points to another patient, jailed on an eight month sentence for debts to the state, remarking that he too faces a double amputation.

"He had an accident inside this place. And now … they will cut his both legs. He cannot walk. He came with two feet and will go out with no feet," the narrator claims.

The video then moves into another room which the narrator says measures 25m2 and accommodates more than 15 people, among them diabetics, people with HIV positive, heart patients.

"They don't care anything about us. They want to kill us," says one young prisoner.

The video also shows another prisoner who the narrator says is HIV positive with Kaposi's sarcoma, a cancer often found in Aids patients.

"He's in the final stage. They are keeping him here. He has more than five kids outside waiting for him. I have doubts."

Disciplinary board

On Monday, the prisoner patient accused of uploading photographs from the prison wing to Facebook and Twitter appeared before the jail's disciplinary board, in a move that was condemned by the Initiative for Prisoners' Rights, a support group.

The man's lawyer, Yiorgos Thomas, said that his client felt compelled to take this course of action after repeated complaints to the prison authorities about conditions in the hospital wing went unanswered.

"Prosecutors and health officials in particular, whose job it is to monitor Korydallos prison, remained unmoved by their requests over many months," he added.

Located in Piraeus, the prison wing of Korydallos prison is designed to hold 60 men but currently houses more than 200, according to prison staff and inmates. Most are HIV positive. Others have cancer, kidney failure and heart problems and are held in close quarters with those suffering from communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis and scabies.

On February 16, 178 prisoners began refusing prison food and medication, after two cases of tuberculosis were identified among inmates who had not been isolated from other patients.

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