Details of politicians' earnings in 2011 published online

Samaras family had an average monthly income of €15,059.16 in 2011

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In his origin of wealth statement, Antonis Samaras said he made €99,854 from his parliamentary salary €28,329 from other sources, while his wife Georgia made €52,525, bringing the family's total income in 2011 to €180,710

Antonis Samaras Antonis Samaras Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and his family had a total income of €180,710 in 2011 – or €15,059.16 a month – financial data on politicians' incomes for 2011 shows.

The so-called origin of wealth forms (pothen esches in Greek) that some 694 politicians were obliged to submit in 2012 were published on parliament's website on Monday.

In his statement, Samaras said he made €99,854 from his parliamentary salary €28,329 from other sources, while his wife Georgia made €52,525. A civil engineer and the elder daughter of industrialist Akis Kritikos, owner of the Kyknos canning company, Georgia Samaras is defined as an "MP's wife" on state statement. 

In addition, the couple declared total bank deposits of €297,675.38 and GB£983.30. 

The statement also shows that Samaras only paid tax on 36% of his parliamentary income, with the largest share, some €63,089.80, remaining tax free.  

Samaras, who was leader of the opposition in 2011, also stated that his real estate portfolio remained unchanged that year, with 13 properties registered in his name and seven in his wife's. 

The then prime minister, Pasok's George Papandreou, declared €102,038.67 in parliamentary income and €718,78 in additional earnings. Along with the €4,578.94 that his wife made, the couple earned a total of €107,336.39

Then the head of the smallest party in parliament and now main opposition leader, Syriza leader Alexas Tsipras declared he earned €74,070.24 in total in 2011, down from €82,572.54 on the previous year. 

He declared ownership of only one property, a 114m2 apartment in Athens. The return makes no mention of the 650cc motorbike he declared in 2010.

Evangelos Venizelos, who is now Pasok leader but in 2011 was minister for defence and subsequently finance, declared he earned €94,309 from parliament and nothing from other sources. His wife, Vasiliki Bakatselou, earned €55,607 according to the statement. The Venizelos family said they had 27 bank accounts, containing a total of €1,633,054, GB£84,444 and US$129,000, and 11 properties. 

The leader of the Independent Greeks Panos Kammenos, who was then a New Democracy MP, declared €86,088.04 in income from his parliamentary work, of which €22,031.72 was taxable. Along with his wife, he declared rental income of €75,600, while his wife declared €9,979.91 in earnings from her law practice. In total, the couple's declared earnings were €171,667.95.

Among those obliged to file returns were all sitting MPs, MEPs, party treasurers, as well as their spouses and children.

The data will remain online until 16 January 2014.

Politicians are obliged to state their incomes, property holdings, share interests, bank deposits (domestically and abroad) and all other business activities. 

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