High-level police resignations over Golden Dawn

A lieutenant general and major general resign citing 'personal reasons'

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Lieutenant General Yiannis Dikopoulos, inspector general of police for southern Greece, and Major General Apostolos Kaskanis, general police director of Central Greece, resign following revelations into Golden Dawn activity

(File photo) (File photo) Two senior police officers have resigned following a barrage of revelations into neonazi Golden Dawn and its activities.

They are Lieutenant General Yiannis Dikopoulos, inspector general of the police in southern Greece, and Major General Apostolos Kaskanis, general police director of Central Greece.

Apostolos Kaskanis Apostolos Kaskanis Yiannis Dikopoulos Yiannis Dikopoulos The two officers submitted their resignations to the public order minister, Nikos Dendias, on Monday.

Both men stated that they were resigning for personal reasons, but their departure is being widely interpreted as being related to revelations into the activities of neonazi Golden Dawn since the murder last week of Pavlos Fyssas by one of its members

Moreover, the chief of police has suspended four officers and launched a sworn administrative enquiry into an incident on 20 September in Halkida, in Evia.

The officers are accused of failing to intervene at the sight of Golden Dawn members transporting weapons – namely batons, shields and helmets - into the local party offices, which is located a few hundred meters from the police station.

The four officers are also accused of failing to inform their superiors.

The inquiry will also examine whether there were failures in a subsequent police investigation into weapons found during a search of the Golden Dawn officers.


Dendias has also ordered the police's internal affairs division to investigate whether the force's ranks have been infiltrated by Golden Dawn. 

"In order to facilitate the objectivity" this investigation, the chief of police also announced the transfer of seven officers:

- the major general who heads the security (detective) division of the Hellenic Police
- the colonel in command of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit (Ekam)
- the colonel who heads the subdirectorate for organised crime and human trafficking of the Attica police directorate
- the lieutenant colonel in charge of the department for arms and explosives of the subdirectorate for state security of the Attica police directorate
- the head of the YAT riot police platoon of Keratsini, whose members were seen throwing stones at demonstrators during the riot on 18 September
- the commander of the Delta motorbike-mounted police unit
- the police chief of Nikea police station

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