EBU to cease ERT streaming

Defunct broadcaster will still be available on websites

The European Broadcasting Union will cease streaming former public broadcaster ERT on Wednesday morning, due to reports that its temporary replacement, Greek Public Television, will start broadcasting news programmes this week

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) will stop broadcasting programmes by sacked workers in defunct state broadcaster ERT, according to an announcement published on EBU's website on Tuesday.

The EBU, which represents Europe's public broadcasters, said it will cease streaming ERT on Wednesday morning, following reports that its temporary replacement, Greek Public Television (EDT), will broadcast news services this week.

The EBU stresses that since June 12 it has delivered 8.5 million live streams for a total of 4.4 million hours of cumulative viewing to 2.5 million unique visitors.

It also notes that it “consistently called for the restitution of public service media in Greece, which is vital for culture, democracy and for society itself”.

Sacked employees broadcasting from the ERT headquarters in Athens have strongly reacted to the EBU decision, asking its president “not to cease broadcasting ERT's signal and keep it alive through the EBU satellite”.

ERT unionists have said broadcasts will continue to be available on websites.

Greece's conservative-led government abruptly shuttered state-run ERT in June and axed 2,700 jobs, citing the need to cut costs amid the country's debt crisis. The fired workers continued to produce programmes in defiance and the European Broadcasting Union sought to help them by streaming their broadcasts by satellite and on its website.

The Greek government couldn't be reached for confirmation that a successor to ERT is ready, the Associated Press agency reported.

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