Four immigrants found dead after sea search

Pregnant woman and teenage girl found on beach

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Victims, believed to be Syrians, include a pregnant woman, a teenage girl, another woman and one man

(File photo: Reuters) (File photo: Reuters) The bodies of four drowned migrants, believed to be Syrians and including a pregnant woman and a teenage girl, were found on a beach on the holiday island of Kos on Friday, after a boat carrying immigrants illegally into the country from nearby Turkey was reported to have sunk.

The shipping ministry said the bodies were discovered near the northern tip of the Aegean island, and also included another woman and one man.

A coastguard search was launched Thursday after a man who said he was Syrian told authorities he had survived the boat sinking but that 12 other people were on board.

The ministry said coast guard and private vessels were involved in the effort, while remote parts of the island's coastline were also being inspected by authorities on land.

The search comes a day after a man has died trying to enter the country in a small boat crammed with immigrants.

A coastguard statement said the victim was found unconscious in waters off the eastern Aegean Sea islet of Oinousses early on Thursday, and died shortly later.

The other 45 immigrants, who had crossed over from nearby Turkey, were in good health. They identified themselves as Syrian, Cameroonian and Afghan nationals.

Greece is the busiest crossing point for illegal immigration in the European Union.

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