For Golden Dawn; against the troika

'Of course' we should work with Golden Dawn, says veteran New Democracy MP

Former New Democracy public order minister and parliamentary speaker Vyronas Polydoras insists that the troika, and not Golden Dawn, poses the greatest threat to Greece

Vryonas Polydoras Vryonas Polydoras There has been widespread condemnation of the call made on Monday by a veteran New Democracy MP for his party to cooperate with Golden Dawn.

When asked in an interview on Real FM on Monday whether New Democracy should work with the neonazi party, Vryonas Polydoras said: "Of course.

"We demonstrate sensitivity towards Golden Dawn, which got 600,000 votes [in the last election], will get one million [votes in the next] and we have memories of the Weimar constitution. We remember the Weimar constitution."

Polydoras, a former minister and parliamentary speaker, suggested that whoever has a problem with Golden Dawn should seek to have it banned before the supreme court.

His comments were later described as "strange" by party spokesperson Anna Asimakopoulou, who underlined that "New Democracy would never work with neonazis".

But in subsequent comments on Skai TV, Polydoras said he was unaware of Asimakopoulou's statement or of who she was. He also denied that he had used the word cooperation in his earlier comments.

He insisted that he was seeking ways to find a national consensus against the "troikians".

"One speaks with the enemy but one doesn't talk to a party that has a million voters. Anyone who doesn't speak with a million voters has abandoned logic," he said.

Ironically referring to his party leader, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, as a "high priest of renegotiation", Polydoras insisted that the troika, and not Golden Dawn, poses the greatest threat.

"I'm Kolokotronis [a leader of the Greek war of independence], seeking consultation with all belligerents. Golden Dawn is not the threat; the troika represents a slow death."

His comments overshadowed the return to the New Democracy fold of two MPs on Monday. Back in the party are former minister Kostas Markopoulos, elected on an Independent Greeks ticket in the last election, and Theodoros Soldatos, who was expelled from the party last November after failing to vote for the budget. 

This means New Democracy has 127 MPs in the 300-seat parliament, boosting the government’s majority to 155.

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