Nerit signal hits TV screens

Signal for ERT successor makes its first television appearance

With the future of public broadcaster ERT – and its 2,650 staff – still in the balance, the New Hellenic Radio Internet and Television (Nerit) signal appears for the first time on teleivion screens on Monday morning

The Nerit (New Hellenic Radio Internet and Television) signal appeared for the first time on television screens on Monday morning, with channel searches showing coloured bands and the word ΝΕΡΙΤ (in Greek).

The signal is being supported by the digital platform digea and is being broadcast on 52 UHF, possibly from Mt Ymittos, and on 48 UHF.

According to Dialogos Media, which was the first to report the appearance of the signal, the prime minister is due to make a related announcement before the meeting of the coalition leaders scheduled for 7pm on Monday evening.

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