Syriza in row with police over alleged abduction of Turkish activist

Police says there are no records documenting Bulut Yayla's presence in the country

Turkish activist Bulut Yayla never applied for asylum and there are no official records documenting his presence in the country, police have said in a statement that, according to Syriza, 'provokes public sentiment'

(file photo) (file photo) A Turkish activist who was allegedly abducted from Athens last week had not applied for political asylum, police have said in a statement, adding that there are no police records documenting his presence in the country.

The statement comes in response to accusations by main coalition Syriza speaking of an "unprecedented, gangster-style abduction and extradition of a Turkish political refugee".

Bulut Yayla was reportedly abducted from Solonos St in Exarchia on Thursday night and two days later he was traced in Istanbul's antiterrorism department, where he was being held for questioning.

There have been claims that a police vehicle was used in the abduction, but police have denied any knowledge of the incident.

Yayla reportedly arrived in Greece two months ago and was in the process of applying for asylum. A written request to apply for asylum was submitted to the authorities three weeks ago but hasn't been processed yet, state-run AMNA news agency reported on Sunday.

In a second statement released later on Sunday, Syriza says that the police statement “provokes public sentiment”. “In reality Elas [the Greek police] confirms the accusations by not referring to the substance of the case,” the party said.

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