Pasok MEP resigns from party

Kriton Arsenis opposes privatisation of Thessaloniki's water company

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Resignation of environmentalist Kriton Arsenis over plans to privatise Thessaloniki's water company leaves Pasok with seven members in the European Parliament

Kriton Arsenis Kriton Arsenis One of Pasok's eight members of the European Parliament has announced his resignation from the party.

In a scathing letter informing party leader Evangelos Venizelos of his decision, Kriton Arsenis said he was leaving over the plans to privatise Thessaloniki's water company and his full disagreement with the "ideological bankruptcy" that he says now characterises Pasok.

"My political divergence from Pasok is obvious and our differences publicly documented," said Arsenis, who will now sit as an independent MEP. 

"Central is the privatisation of Thessaloniki water, profitable public enterprises and infrastructure, the sale of public land, archaeological sites and islands, and the deregulation of legislation and trivialisation of the work of the environment ministry. None of these are a precondition for ending the crisis. The crisis has proved a convenient excuse. The servicing of private interests rather than the public interest is the reason," Arsenis said.

Greece has 22 MEPs in the European Parliament. Arsenis' resignation leaves Pasok with seven. 

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